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Austin Roommates: Cowboy Envy

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Does my Austin roommate suffer from cowboy envy?

Austin Roommates: Cowboy Envy

Texas is known for its cowboys, cowgirls and rugged individualism so it's not surprising to find a bit of "cowboy envy" among potential Austin roommates. Here are the top ten signs your roommate suffers form cowboy envy:

  1. They put on boots, buckle, hat and bolo tie to grab a double espresso from Starbucks.
  2. Cowboy Envy is their favorite CD.
  3. They think their "I Love NY" t-shirt goes great with western boots.
  4. Their western furniture was bought on a five year, no interest payment plan from a popular chain that sells entire rooms to go.
  5. Their favorite recipes come from "The All American Cowboy Cookbook".
  6. They spent $5,000 working on a dude ranch for their last vacation.
  7. Their idea of busting a bronco involves a local night club.
  8. They traded in the Lexus for a pick-up truck.
  9. Their profile had a cowboy icon and was named "buckaroo"
  10. "Smokey and the Bandit" is their favorite movie.



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