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Getting Permission To Have A Roommate

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Do I need to ask my landlord for permission before inviting a new roommate into my apartment?

Getting Permission To Have A Roommate

If you're living in an apartment and only your name is on the lease, there are a few things you need to consider before opening your doors to a new roommate. Before even starting your roommate search, take the time to contact the local housing authority in your area. A good place to find them is by doing an Internet search of your own town or city. You'll usually find a variety of resources and contacts for various government agencies there. Once you notify your landlord that you're looking for a roommate, he/she may try to increase your rent, or significantly change your rental agreement. Before you get into that, find out what rights you have, and what rights your landlord has, to avoid unnecessary disagreements.

Once you've done that, send your landlord a written request asking for permission to add a roommate to your rental agreement. Don't forget to keep a copy of the written letter for yourself, with the date it was submitted.

Once you get the okay, ask your landlord what information he/she will need from your new roommate. That way, once you find your perfect roommate, you won't have to waste any time with the application process. Remember, your landlord probably isn't going to take your word on the suitability of the roommate. He/she will want to check references, etc., just like they did for you when you first moved in.



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