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House Rules For Roommates

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What type of house rules should I consider when taking in a roommate?

House Rules For Roommates

The boundaries and expectations you have from a roommate really shouldn't be any different whether your roommates are male, female, or of any specific ethnic background. Just make sure you're clear about your expectations right from the start, from the minute the person steps through the door for that first meeting. The "house rules" can include a number of things including:

1) No overnight guests without notifying the other person first;

2) Last person in at night is responsible for locking doors and turning off lights;

3) No "borrowing" personal items of the other person without asking;

4) No illegal drugs or illegal activity;

5) Divide and respect grocery items (don't eat all of the other person's food!);

6) Clean up after yourself, especially in shared spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

7) Respecting property and furniture to keep it clean and free from damage.

These are just a few rules to consider when a roommate is moving in, but remember, they have to be clear and you have to follow them as well. It works both ways. Roommate matching isn't always easy, but life is much easier if the person knows and agrees upon the house rules before unpacking.



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