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Avoiding Out of Work Actors: Finding Your Manhattan Roommate

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How do I find a reliable roommate in Manhattan?

Avoiding Out of Work Actors: Finding Your Manhattan Roommate

Perfect your Manhattan roommate search:
Finding New York City available roommates isn't easy, and the search can be even more confusing in a large city like Manhattan. First, you should make a list of your “deal-breakers” like; smoker vs. non-smoker, pet-owner, male/female, etc. These deal-breakers help to simplify your roommate search, and refine your choices because they are not negotiable. Roommate safety is another important factor. Many roommate services offer background and credit checks to make sure that your new roommate is on the up and up. If you are moving into an existing apartment, it's a good idea take a tour of the place. By visiting the apartment, you'll get a good idea about the lifestyle and living conditions of your potential new roommate.



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